Episode 13 - How Do You Engineer Ships?

This week, despite being nowhere near the sea, Abbey was feeling queasy and couldn’t make it to the studio. That got us into a seafaring mood, so we called up our friend Kyle Smith from the Everyday Superhumans podcast down south in Louisiana. After designing the future of automotive transmissions, and a detour into the nuances and annoyances of units of measurement, we finally got down to business. Kyle told us about working as a mechanical engineer in a shipyard building “small” ships. We commiserated about the nuances of regulatory bodies, learned about how ships are tested, and discussed the difficulties of working on a product that takes years to manufacture.

If you want to know about aluminum frames, forklifts, and fugu fish, then boy are you in for a treat with this week’s episode!

Despite this week’s episode running longer than ever, we have a limited set of links this week. The D-Drive will melt your brain, but the Mythbusters Rocket Car is sure to entertain.


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