Episode 16 - What is the Technology of the Next Generation?

In the past we featured the technology of today’s tomorrow, today we feature the technology of future tomorrows. Nanobots, atomic printers, and the matrix may be science fiction, but even the humble hoverboard bested us on this one.

Pete falls back into the distant past with a reference to Duck Tails...which should really be Tailspin. Talking about embarrassing TV references, if you think Abbey should watch Star Trek, send her feedback.

On the topic of dangerous ideas that can get you hurt (sorry Abbey), we mention wingsuits and the insane manta ray water tube of death.

At a couple points we get all literary and mention the fantastic books Snow Crash, Ready Player One, and The Terminal Experiment

Finally we get super existential culminating in a fascinating reference to the wonders of the human brain, or lack thereof.

Royalty free music from BenSound.