Episode 26 - What is Neuro-fuzzy?

This week Pete does his best to try to explain what neuro-fuzzy systems are all about. They’re a little difficult to explain without visuals, but hopefully this episode will make the mathematical concepts and structures around this important approach to control a little “crisp”.

This is an introduction to some of the concepts that are emerging in technology that are making computers and systems smarter and better able to interpret what humans want. We’re going to try to do some episodes in the future to talk about some others.

You may have heard of fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy rice cookers. If you’d like to know more, then this is a great introduction to fuzzy control, and this is a good example of neural-networks. AlphaGo is a fascinating application of similar concepts.

(by the way...the A in ANFIS stands for adaptive, not artificial)

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