Episode 2 - How Do You Engineer A Mobile App?

For our first episode with a real guest, we sit down with Safwan Choudhury to talk about the state of affairs in the mobile app space, how professional developers create mobile apps, and how you can get started creating the next killer app. We also talk a little about murdering people, but thanks to time travel we bring them back to life again. At one point Pete accidentally says Star Wars instead of Star Trek, and will be forever embarrassed, his nerd cred tarnished. 

We promised that the uncanny valley would freak you out, and here are a couple videos from Boston Dynamics, Japanese research, and an article with some more links that are super weird. Side note, one of our favourite robots is on the adorable side of the valley, and will make you feel better about robotkind.

To get you started developing mobile apps, check out these links to resources that Safwan mentioned:

Thanks to nihilyst for this weeks sound effect. Royalty free music from BenSound.