Episode 21 - How Do You Engineer Land?

This week we try to keep things civil with Andrew Messer. Andrew is our first civil engineer, and the engineer that has come from the furthest afield. We get our feet wet learning about water resources and land development, and try to find a better way to dispose of the truly unreasonable amount of diapers that Simon and Pete are now consuming.

Andrew talks about modeling land using Civil 3D and we found this game you can try which is kinda cool. We’ve also got an article here on incineration that’s pretty interesting if that’s your jam.

Check out Andrew's new podcast "Goodnight Soon Podcast" on soundcloud for a bit of sports, geography, and libertarian thought (and conspiracy!).

Sorry about the audio quality getting a little rough at times this week team. There were some issues with the recording, but you can check out an adorable pic of Pete editing the episode with his daughter on Twitter and facebook to make up for it.

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