Episode 6 - Can We Inspire Future Engineers?

This week Safwan is back by popular demand (among the HDYE hosts) for an episode we originally planned to call "Who are the Engineers of the Future?", but which quickly morphed into a whole different discussion. We talk the future of engineering and STEM education, focusing on getting youths excited about science and technology. We talk a lot about FIRST, and probably too little about all of the other great programs that are out there like national science fairs. Pete explains how omni wheels are not as cool as mecanum wheels, and talks about a grasshopper robot, that is in fact a flea robot. It's a topic we are passionate about, as evidenced by the number of times we interrupt each other just to adamantly agree.

When editing in post we realized that we name dropped XPRIZE but completely forget to mention that they are already sponsoring innovation awards through FIRST, and failed to draw a connection between corporate funding and Let's Talk Science.

You couldn't mention Bill Nye and not bring up this awesome rap battle.

Classy Cyborgs
Canada Wide Science Fair
Circuit Scribe

We also avoid talking too much about the controversial Goldieblox, and STEAM education.

Royalty free music from BenSound. Sound effect thanks to Zeuss.