Episode 10 - How Do You Engineer The Impossible?

This week Victor Ragusila talked to us about the amazing work that the engineers at Aerovelo have been doing to push the boundaries of what is humanly possible. In their pursuit of extreme efficiency, the team has created the first successful human powered helicopter, the fastest human powered vehicle, and the world’s first human powered ornithopter.

This episode has it all, space lasers, helicopters the size of a football field, barbarians, and bicycles that are faster than Simon is comfortable driving. At one point Pete tries to remember the name of the carbon fibre Lamborghini, and calls it the “Feel Following” instead of the “Fifth Element”. Pete’s not very good at Italian.

If you’ve ever wondered what a human being outputting one horsepower for over a minute can do...tune in to find out.

Tank tracks for bicycles
Videos of Aerovelo awesomeness
What can happen when human powered vehicles fall down
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
Man with the biggest of thighs makes toast

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