Episode 76 - How Do We Make Hurricanes More Livable?

We're back! Well, Pete and Simon are back to talk about current events. If you are an engineer, you probably find yourself idly trying to imagine how you would use your engineering skills to help make life better in the wake of natural disasters. In this episode, we indulge this impulse and discuss how we could design living spaces to survive hurricanes and other natural disasters. We discuss arcologies, shipping containers, and for some reason, doughnuts.

This is an episode where we would particularly like to hear some input from our listeners because we make no claim to be experts in any of the fields we are discussing. This is just two engineers thinking about how we would engineer. So if you know more about urban planning or emergency relief than us (and that wouldn't be hard) please feel free to join the conversation on our facebook page or in the comments below.

Some things we mentioned in the episode:


Snoozebox (Pop-up hotel)

Tempohousing (Shipping container housing)

Flood-Resistant Building Design

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