Episode 24 - How Do You Hack Engineering?

Have you ever wanted to get together with a group of interesting and intelligent people, excited about engineering, to drink beer and learn how to build robots for a weekend? If your answer is yes...or yes now...then a hackathon is the ticket! Adriana Ieraci joined us this week to talk about hackathons ,maker culture, and the bridges that bring diverse people from all backgrounds into the engineering space.

We talk about what makes a great hackathon, and what lessons have come from her experiences for engineers, hobbyists, enthusiasts and corporations? Some lessons would have been more useful earlier in the episode where we theoretically killed all life on earth...but hindsight is always 20/20.

On that note, shifting the earth’s axis of rotation is a bad plan. But people are actually thinking about enclosed spaces for living and nature.

Here is a great video of Picasso painting that shows an artist’s process.

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