Episode 11 - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the AI

Are we going to accidentally create an AI that commits us all to a fiery doom...or will it just want to make muffins? These are some of the questions that we tackle this week as we discuss the singularly fascinating field of artificial intelligence. More specifically, we delve into the ethical and philosophical questions of what is intelligence, what are the ethical ramifications of general artificial intelligence, is it possible, and how would we know for sure?

First, we take on the challenge of landing a rocket from space and get a little side-tracked by the potential for a trained kraken to act as a landing pad. Overall, we’re a little stochastic and unintelligible, but somewhere out of the chaos there emerges some insightful observations...then again it might have been a simulation.

Our ramblings covered a wide range of topics, here are a few; feel free to let us know if we missed anything:

A rocket falling over
A fantastic article on the state of the AI debate
The Infinite Monkey Cage - Artificial Intelligence
Deep Blue
The Uncanny Valley
The Turing Test
Growing Tissues

And finally because why not...Flight of the Conchords

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