Episode 17 - How Do You Do Engineering Yourself?

In the rarest of cases, the challenge of engineering is taken on by enterprising individuals with hopes, dreams, curiosity, cases of beer, and little to no formal training. One such courageous soul joined us this week to talk about the trials and tribulations of a self-made engineer. From turf management and bio-mechanics, to power management and electro-mechanics, Gord Fogg has broken into the weird and twisted world of engineering and lived to tell the tale.

Some of his favorite resources include:
Instructables Technology Guide
and of course Wikipedia.

If you want to make your own baby monitor, check out the great IP Webcam app. When Pete was talking about not being able to send live video over Bluetooth, he was right...and this app doesn’t do that either.

Finally, this comic is a great testament to the life of an engineer.

Royalty free music from BenSound.