Episode 8 - How Do You Engineer Christmas?

In our very first holiday celebration episode, we are visited by the ghost of podcasts future: Cameron Fulford, listener and friend of the show. Someday we will have Cameron on to talk about serious business, for now he’s here to deck the halls, eat some cookies, and help us explain just how Santa makes his “magic” happen. While Arthur C. Clarke might say that our solutions would be indistinguishable from magic, we stay firmly grounded in applied science. We theorize about nano-robots, space elevators, puppy catapults, and n-dimensional space. Cam quotes some figures from some people on the internet but he mixes up pounds and tons, despite knowing the weight of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier for some reason.

So pour yourself some eggnog, add a splash of something to warm your heart, and join us on our quest to engineer a Merry Christmas!

Some links to other stuff mentioned in the episode:

Flatland (full text)

Li-fi (light-based wireless networking)

Elf on the Shelf

Royalty free music from BenSound. Sound effects thanks to GowlerMusic